I'm Still Here

I'm falling behind on my posts here aren't I?
I have been thinking lately about how much time I spend on this machine. I admit I can get sucked in and even use it as sort of a distraction from reality. I would like to cut back my daily computer time and try to be very intentional about what I am doing while online. Not just spacing out and wasting time.
Last week I tried to draw everyday. I did pretty good. Mostly simple things, my morning cup of tea, some books, things around the house. I would like to post some of these if I can figure out how again. I'm having some issues with my scanner.
I have a strong desire to use my free time in a more creative manner. I want to be drawing, reading, spending more time out in nature, writing, making pots, cooking....things that nuture me. I find I have to really put forth an effort to do these things, otherwise I am zoning out or just rushing mindlessly through my day.
Tomorrow I plan to load the kiln and to fire on Monday. So you can expect some images.
I'll leave it at that for now. Check back soon.