Monday. Back to Work.

I had a good productive Monday. I made a few bowls to get warmed up and then 3 covered casseroles, some oval bakers, a couple jars and a few other odds and ends. These ovals will get handled tomorrow.

I am still getting used to having to decorate pots. I had pots on the shelf from last week that I got incised today. I let them dry out thinking I'd be okay with drawing through the dry slip. I don't think I really like that all that much. It's nice to be able to draw out the image in pencil, a bit of a safety net, but the line quality is too rugged and I don't like the physical effort it takes to work through the slip. So I guess I'll be working on leatherhard pots now. I will have to get into a routine of making, slipping, and decorating. At least I'm not glazing leatherhard pots anymore, that would be one more thing to schedule.

I think maybe if my clay body were more smooth I could get a better line with the dry technique. I'd like to know how other folks do this.