Barn Sale

Pottery Weekend

There are quite a few pottery events happening this weekend.

I'll be at the ClayMatters Pottery Guild Fall Sale on Saturday Oct 9th from 10 am till 4pm.  8300 Monroe Road Charlotte NC.  You've seen most of the pots that have came out of the kiln lately here on the blog.  Come by tomorrow and see them in person.  I'll have tee shirts too!

Ayumi Horie is having her annual fall Sale this weekend in Cottekill, NY.  Her guest is Kristen Kieffer.  If you are in that area then that's an event not to be missed.

Also the Spruce Pine Potters Market will feature many of my pals from that NC mountain region.

Try to get out and support your local potters this weekend.

Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 10th, I'll be at the ClayMatters Pottery Guild Fall Sale.

For more info. click HERE and for directions click HERE.

I've got new pots coming out of the kiln tonight including a couple teapots, the new animal candle stick holders, serving bowls and a few little trinkets.  All of this will be with me tomorrow plus much, much more.  I'm expecting those teapots to be especially good.  I hope you'll come out and see me tomorrow.

I'll also be dropping some new work off at Lark in Key in Charlotte on Saturday.  If you get Ceramics Monthly you can see a great ad for the Lark and Key Gallery in this months issue. (Look for one of my washline plates in the ad).  If you're in the North Davidson district of Charlotte please stop in and see them.

Still no internet at home so I probably won't get a new post up until late Saturday or Sunday.  We'll see.