diana fayt

What a Great Day.

This morning I drove up to Penland after having made plans earlier in the week to meet up with San Francisco ceramic artist Diana Fayt.  Diana is spending a few days in NC between teaching workshops at Mudfire Studios in Georgia.

(Ron, Diana, Michael, and Lillian)

I've known Diana via the internet for a few years and I was delighted to get to sit down with her today and chat about pots and all sort of other things.  Michael Kline was there for the day too and we three knocked around Penland School for several hours, having lunch and visiting the Gallery during a super heavy downpour.

Diana makes amazing work and I've always been in awe of her etchings on her pots.  Of course with Michael and I both around we had to talk about blogging and selling online and all that techie stuff.  Diana busted out her i-Phone a few times to show us some cool photo apps and to record the rain falling.

We headed over to Crimson Laurel around 5pm to look at all the amazing pots in the gallery there.  I then had to head back down the mountain in time to cook dinner and get some pots glazed and into the kiln.

A bit more on all this tomorrow.  Now it's time for me to hit the sack.