don reitz

Two Part Jar. Plus a Coil

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I'm not a big pot maker.  But every now and then I like to try to make a big jar.  Usually I am successful in getting the big part.  Often they are ugly too.  Big and ugly = not good. So I don't keep them.  This one seems okay I guess.

I couldn't get these pics to load in the correct order but you'll figure it out right? (click for larger images)

I make the two main parts by throwing them upside down on a 14" bat.  That way I know they will match up and the middle part where they are to join doesn't dry before the top and bottom does.  I usually let these dry over night before going on to join them.

Once joined I do a lot of scraping to get the wall thickness the same at the joint. Otherwise it will be very obvious after the firing.

A coil is added and the top is thrown.  I like to roughen up to surface too.

I learned the technique of making these upside down and using the same size bat by watching Janet Mansfield, also Don Reitz uses this and my pal up in Alaska, Jim Brashear.