house renovations

Weekend Photos

Sarah and I had a productive weekend working on the house.  We finished painting the stairwell and got the handrail up.  That scaffolding is approved by Worker Safety Organizations in India and Jamaica. Photos below from around here this weekend. Click for larger more complete image.

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I feel like I'm almost out of my 'slump'.  I get into this funky place and start questioning what I am doing fairly often.  I go over and over what I could be doing differently, how the work could change, comparing to others (not productive at all),and getting frozen in doubt and fear.  I had a little break though last night just by looking at some photos of my recent work and realizing that I am where I am at the moment.  The only way to move forward is to work, pay attention, and enjoy what I'm doing.

So today I have lots of drawing to do and a few pots to throw.  Best get to it.  Have a good Monday everyone and thanks for visiting the blog.