john glick

A Bit of This & That

I'm having a great day and it's just noon!  It didn't hurt that I got myself out of bed fairly early and got on with things.  I had some time to journal and have tea, and do a bit of drawing in my sketch book all before 9am.  I have gotten into a habit of sleeping in more than I want to.  I need to work on that, we'll see how it goes.

So anyhow, I listed a couple new pots in the shop.  Here's one of them:

And then this tumbler that I tried a bit of loose trailing on:

I got a very nice Christmas card from Paul Jessop yesterday and included in the envelope was this amazing little fold out that Paul has designed for his Pottery.

 It measures just over 4" square and folds out to this:

 Really, really nice isn't it?  Paul is setting a good example of how some of us could choose to market ourselves if we wish.  Visit Paul's blog HERE.

I just registered myself for the NC Potter's Conference which is taking place the first Fri-Sun. of March, 2012.  This years featured potters are Cynthia Bringle, Jack Troy and John Glick.  Each of those folks has invited another potter to present this year.  Ronan Peterson, Martha Grover, and Jake Johnson will each present also.  You can register online by following this LINK.  I've been to the NC Conference many, many times and I've got to say it's got to be one of the best clay events in the country.

Well that's it for now.  I'll leave you with a couple pages from the sketchbook.  Happy Friday all.