nc pottery collectors guild

Who's That?

Oh just me.  Right. Okay, so I have been going over the presentation I am giving tomorrow evening for the NC Pottery Collectors Guild.  I think it's fine.  It's all about the Internet and how that technology as well as some other tech stuff is used in my pottery business.  Like this Blog for instance! Right. I should be able to talk about that shouldn't I? Fingers crossed.

The meeting is on the campus of NCSU in Raleigh, NC.  That's where I went to college from 1988-1992.  I studied mathematics there.  And horticulture (for one of the 4 years).  I didn't graduate which is a drag,(I had great grades, but just got fed up) I had a pretty hard time during those years.  Worrying about pleasing other people and having no clue what I was going to do with my Life.  I had some good times there too of course but it's going to be weird being back there.  I haven't been on campus since I left.  I'm sure a lot has changed.

Anyhow, probably no posts until Saturday.  I'm going to go to the Larkspur Party while in Raleigh.  Jenn Mecca will be there showing her pots as well as several other friends.  I've heard the lady who has the show has these amazing gardens.  That should be neat to see.

New pots on the Etsy site if you'd like to CLICK over and check them out.  I've got a bisque going tonight with some new mugs, bowls and plates.  I'll definitely be listing some of these pots when they come out of the glaze kiln.

All for now. Thanks for checking in!!