Ignore this post.

Sorry for the long lapse between posts. I have had my nose to the wheel making stuff for the upcoming ACC show in Charlotte. Today I am firing my kiln. (it pretty much does it own thing, I just have to increase the gas pressure now and then up until the time I have to put the salt/soda in. That will happen in a couple hours so I have some time to kill).

I have been thinking about the purpose of this journal site. Initally it was going to be all business/pottery related stuff. Lately I have thought it would be more interesting to include more personal entries, ie what I am thinking about, struggling with (clay and otherwise), thoughts, ideas, rants, ramblings, etc. Basically keeping it REAL , which is something I strongly desire to do in my life. Real and simple. The simple part seems to be more complicated than I thought. Well so does the keeping it Real part. Hell, it all seems complicated until I can slow my brain down long enough to see that everything is temporary and is probably not going to kill me so why worry so much about it all. ( now is this more interesting than me talking about studio construction or would like me to stick to that?) Well anyhow, the simple life seems to require lots of planning. Being Intentional. Like getting enough groceries in one trip to the market to last for the whole week, and before that planning a menu of what I'll be preparing. It's so easy to get caught up in the fast track way of life and just throw my hands up in the air and go to Taco Bell. Sickening. Living intentially is a strong desire of mine. (That and wanting a new laptop, but that's another thread). Being intentional...what does that mean? First, it requires me to slow down. Way down. And that's hard for me. I tend to take the stairs two at a time. And often do the same with other daily activities. "Activities", "work", "do". These words have strong meanings to me. My father's work ethic is heavily conditioned into me. I struggle with "doing nothing", "relaxing", and "playing".

Okay well that's a bit for now. Putting this out there is a bit uncomfortable but kind of helpful. I have kept a Journal for over 20 years, writing daily. Never showing it to anyone. So this is a bit fun. Don't worry, I won't be going into any deep psychological details here. I'm not ready to be that Real, plus it would probably cost me. But this may be fun. Or I may just hit 'Delete'

Later. Gotta check the kiln.