Pots with drawings

I had a good turnout this past weekend for my Home Sale. It goes on next weekend too and I am open by chance or by appointment through the end of the year. I still have a nice selection of pots to choose from.

The trays with the drawings were a big hit. I also had a square vase with a drawing of flowers that sold first thing. These pots with drawings were fun to do and I plan on making more to see how I feel about them. My January firing will have some more trays, and vases, as well as jars, cups, and bowls with drawings. My main concern is that these aren't kitchy. I want them to maintain a bit of an edge. Coming from a sort of self imposed strict Leachian background I have a hard time 'playing' and being childlike with clay. Historcally man has drawn on cave walls, pots, animal skins, canvas, etc to express his life, journey, everyday occurances, animals, objects and numerous other things. Why should I have a hang up about drawing on a few pots? I have always been drawn to pots with imagery, yet I was never good with a brush so I gave that up pretty quickly. I have drawn since I was a child. My mom was a constant doodler. She'd talk on the phone to my aunt and fill up a page with doodles in pen and ink. When people ask about my art background I say I was a drawer and that I liked to build things with wood. It seems inevitable that I'd eventually draw on some pots.
For inspiration and validation I am going to the library at ASU on Wednesday to look at books on African and Indian art and pottery, textiles, petroglyphs and anything else historical.
I guess the main thing I should do is keep an open mind, have fun, play, and let my creativity flow. Life is too short to get caught up in over analyzing al this stuff.