Back to work

I got back to making my usual pots for the salt/soda kiln on this week. Monday I made some cups and yesterday I made a couple boards of animal jars which I will finish up today. This is the time of year when I am trying new things so yesterday I experimented with some new lids and jar shapes, I am not sure they will be successful but it is good to try.

We had a good Christmas. I got a new yoga mat which I hope to put to good use this year, I really need to be taking better care of myself. I didn't over indulge in all the holiday food and sweets this year, also no sodas or alcohol. Pretty good for a guy who has a hard time getting out of Harris Tetter without reaching for a free cookie from the kids ballon stand.

My clay should be coming out of the racks this week, so I'll be stocked up for a while. Tomorrow we'll be heading to Charlotte for the day and we plan on having a good meal at Lang Van our favorite Vietnamese resturant. YUM.

That's it for now.