Week before the Home Sale

The week leading up to the Home Sale is usually quite busy. More so this time as I am doing a last minute firing. I will load the kiln on Tues., finish the firing Wed. afternoon, and unload on Friday. Then all the pots have to be sanded, dusted, priced and shelved. Whew. It's loads of fun though. I've been doing these sales for so many years that I just have faith that it will all come together sometime before 10 am Saturday morning. I still have to get the studio cleaned and the displays set up. All that will happen over the next few days. I will try and get some more pictures up before the end of the week.

All in all things here have been good. Sarah was home for the weekend. She spent lots of time on school work and I continued to make pots and piddle around outside and get some minor work done on the new studio space. Construction has slowed considerably. I will be lucky to be in by the Holiday Home Sale. It has been dry and hot which has caused the poplar trees to start losing leaves. I am ready for the fall cool nights.

I picked up a couple children's books by Patricia Coombs last week. Doorie and the Witches Camp is the first and also The Magician and McTree. They are really fresh and fun. I really like Doorie, she is a little witch. She often has mismatched socks, and her room looks like a disaster area. She has a cute little nose too. (okay I know, I've gotten a bit soppy here). McTree is a cat. Sarah and I are huge cat lovers. In this book, McTree falls into a potion and comes away with the ability to talk. If only Loupey our cat could talk. Sarah and I think he was Winston Churchill previously.

Enough for now.