I've been avoiding my computer lately for several reasons. One, it is slow. Two, I have been making pots and working on studio construction again which has kept me busy and when I come in I just want to chill out. I called the cable company yesterday to see about getting cable ran out here so we can get a high speed connection. I should hear back from them next week.

Anyhow I will be firing next week and I am excited about that. I have a good load of pots made up consisting of dinnerware, teapots, bowls, mugs, and bottles that I plan on side firing. I hope to get a few pitchers made today.

On Jan. 21 I will be giving a workshop at Clayworks Studios in Charlotte. I am looking forward to that. It's been awhile since I have been infront of a group of people to make and talk about pots. I always learn a lot about myself when I do this.

All the drywall is hung in the new studio showroom. I will start finishing it tomorrow and painting next week. The walls in the workshop are covered in paneling that I got for free. I will paint it a light color. So things are coming along in there. I plan to be all moved in time for my Home Sale at the end of March.

Okay that's it for now. Sorry for the long lapse between posts. I promise to do better. I'll be sure to get pics up of pots and studio construction soon.