Self destruction

What a day I had yesterday. I didn't realize until around one o clock exactly what all I needed to get done before the day ended. I started the day off smacking my left index finger with a slap stapler and busting loose a big chuck of skin just below the nail. A few hours later as I was finishing off working on the drywall I fell off the top step of the 26" stepstool. As I lay on the concrete I began to realize this wasn't exactly my day. What is up? I have injured myself more in the past two months than I have in a year.

Well, then it dawned on me that I needed to scrape all the kiln shelves, glaze some pots, (oh no, not enough glaze in the bucket) mix some glaze, make cone packs, and mix my yellow glaze tests. Plus I had promised to cook manicotti for supper and have it ready when Sarah got home from school. I wanted to get all the pottery stuff done so that I could load the kiln Tuesday morning and be finished before 3 pm (because I have an appointment in Charlotte that evening) Okay, stress level is maxxed out. firing this week. I decided this morning (as I still had pots to glaze) that I wasn't going to bust my hump and probably accidently damage myself further just to get a load of pots fired. It can wait till next week.

Today, I will work on the drywall finishing (and not falling) and will glaze the pots at a leisurely pace. Remember to breathe.