Monday Update

Hey Folks. Hope you are all well out there in computer land. It's been a rainy day here on Wallace Grove but a good day. My friend Steve and his wife Charlotte from SC stopped by on their way to Asheville. Steve and I became friends a few years back when he stopped in my booth at a pottery show. He has been making pots for several years and is coming along quite well. He spent the fall at Penland in the Concentration Class. While he was visiting tonight he showed me some pots he had made including some great pitchers. He gave me a little tip he learned at Penland and after he left I made some of the best pitchers I've made in a while. Thanks Steve. I'll try and get a pic of these after I get the handles on them.

Steve is also a pizza lover, so we talked a bit about dough before he left. It just happens that I made pizza for me and Sarah and our painter friend Sally last night. Oh it was so good. We had one spinach, sundried tomato, and goat cheese, which was on a spicy olive oil brushed crust. And one Fontina, Parmigiano-Reggiano, over a spicy olive oil crust that had dollops of thick marinara sauce dotted on top. I have gotten to where I prefer Fontina to Mozzarella. Of course if you get a really nice fresh Mozz then that's hard to beat.

My workshop at Clayworks this past Saturday went well and I had lots of fun. Thanks for everyone who came.

I often complain about my computer so I was also excited this past week when the new iMacs came out. I hope to get one this year (if pottery sales are good). I also have to see about getting cable trenched in down here. I got a $350 estimate from Time Warner to do it, I'm gonna see if I can't do the trenching in from the road myself to cut that cost down. For now I'm on the slow road.

That's it for now.