Monday Night

What a weekend. We had a stray dog show up on Friday and she is still here. I think I have found a home for her. She is a pit bull, chocolate, and very sweet. She is sort of skidish, I wonder if she was mistreated, but she has no scars so I don't think she's been fought. She likes Karma, but I am nervous and keep her on the leash.

On Saturday I got an email letting me know my friend Tom Gray had a heart attack that morning. He is home now and I hope to get to talk to him in person tomorrow. Tom is a VERY important person in my life and so I am wishing him a full recovery.

Sarah and I went to the County Fair on Saturday too. It was sort of a wash. It's always a blast to people watch, the Fair really brings the locals out of the woodwork. Sarah's favorite part was going to the livestock barn and looking at (and petting) the Brahman bulls. She said "we should get one, they are so sweet." "And tasty too," was my reply. Just kidding, no bull.

I got some work done in the studio today. I have a board meeting at the Arts Council tomorrow and then later I have to teach at Clayworks. Hopefully, I will get a few hours in tomorrow to finish up what I started today.

That's it.