Sunday morning

Sunday mornings are so nice. It's the one day I enjoy a good cup of coffee and relax and have a long morning without having to think about going off to the studio.

Yesterday I did the Claymatters Pottery Sale in Charlotte. The show went okay for me but I'd liked to have sold more pots. The highlight was that a lady bought one of my nice slab serving dishes to send to her brother who is a professional chef in Texas. I think he will really enjoy using it. I always love to hear that my pots are going somewhere to be used.

I also got to visit with other members of the guild and my friends from the Circle of Eight. Five of the Eight were there and I have to say that we all have very good work.

I showed some of my drawings to my friend Ann who came by to see my pots. I haven't really shared my sketchbook with anyone other than Sarah and a few other people. It was fun to get some feedback from Ann. She really liked my drawings of buildings and my more detailed drawings. I am still thinking how some of this is going to work it's way onto some pots. I will probably dedicate some serious play time to this in December and January.

Time for more coffee. See ya.