Productive Monday

I had a good day working in the studio. I made several slab, oval serving bowls first thing and got two rectangular ones layed out and started. I then got to work on the wheel making the things on my list I need to finish up for this cycle. I can see the end of the road and will have it all made by Thursday. I am firing on Sunday so I need time this week to glaze and clean up down at the kiln. I'll be bisquing on Wed and again while I load the kiln on Saturday. That will be in anticipation for my second salt firing the next weekend. Busy, busy.

Above is a picture of the owl candle holders all ready for the bisque. I am getting excited about the American Craft Council Show which is the first weekend in November. I am going to have plenty of pots for that show and hopefully have some left over for the Carolina Pottery Festival here in Shelby the weekend after that.

The Circle of Eight gang is convening here on Friday night. That will be fun. It also means Sarah and I need to clean the house a bit.

Check back throughout the week to see if I am staying sane.