The End is Near

No I'm talking about North Korea or anything like that. I mean that I am finally, finally at the end of my making cycle. Yea!! Yesterday was a bit trying as I threw 8 teapot bodies before I got 4 that I liked. And when I came back from lunch Karma had shredded some plastic and made a general mess of the studio floor. I bet I swept 3 times yesterday. Anyhow, today I am putting handles on some small ovals, assembling my teapots and throwing some mugs and yunomi. I also have to scrape my kiln shelves so I'll be all set to load on Saturday. Lots to do still, but I am glad the making part is at an end. I need a break to refuel my pottery brain.

It's dreary out again this morning and I'm waiting for the fog to lift or burn off before going out to walk Karma. I am going to miss the long sunny days of summer. I hope we have a mild winter and that it isn't damp and wet all season.

If you have a high speed connection and want to see a funny pottery video go to
My friend Lester sent this to me and it's really cute. I guess this is sort of a Japanese version of SNL with skits etc. It's amazing that the general population in Japan knows so much about pottery that they can spoof it on TV. If you did that in the US people would be so not interested, unless you blew up all the pottery at the end or had some semi-nude Victoria Secret model taking the pots out of the kiln.

Okay got to head down for breakfast and out to work.