Thursday morning

It's going on 10 am and I am finishing up my morning tea. I got a bit of a late start, but the dogs have been fed and walked and so have I. I did a couple drawings this morning too.

I had a pretty productive day in the studio yesterday, even with a bum finger. I need to get started on some vases of various sizes today. I have some jars to finish too.

We got our DSL connection last week and I am having a blast zipping around the web. Last night I was looking at Danny Gregory's site and found out about Stephen Whitshire. He is amazing. Check out the videos of him drawing if you can. The human brain is capable of such incredible feats. Most of the time I feel like I'm using about 1%, if that. If those damn voices would quiet down maybe I'd get up to 2%. Ha.

I am also enjoying listening to WXPN out of Phiadelphia. Great programming.

Well, it's taken me forever to peck this entry out. My jkl; hand is one finger short which is slowing me way down.

Have a great day.