Monster Tree

No potting today. I had an appointment with the eye doctor this morning for my regular exam, I think it's been about 2 years and I am ready for new glasses. I hate the going to the eye doc, I can't stand it when she shines that bright light in my eyes. It reminds me of my childhood alien abduction. (more on that some other time). I could just scream when she does that. Anyhow I survived.

Then it was off to the Arts Council to help set up for the Winter Arts Tour kick off party which is Friday night. I had to help assemble this huge, monster, artificial, Christmas tree. First we had to lug it down from upstairs storage, which was about 20 trips. Then figure out how to get it together and get all the lights working. I don't really like Christmas trees(except the Charlie Brown variety), and I have never liked to decorate them. So bah-humbug to that. Ha!

Anyway it was a good day all in all.

Oh yeah. The first weekend of my Pottery Sale was a big success. Thanks to all that came out. I still have lots of pots so come on by this weekend if you get the chance.