What I liked at ACC

My friend Tom asked what I liked at ACC. Here are some links to exhibitors whose work I enjoyed. There were more, but I couldn't find a website for all of them.
http://www.maryandlouann.com/ I love this jewelry. They actually have a new line coming out that I like even better than what is on the website. And I think this is one of the coolest websites I've ever seen.
http://www.pieperglass.com/ Awesome.
http://www.carmengrier.com/ I fell in love with a few of Carmen's pieces.
http://www.blackmorepottery.net/ These pots are amazing.
http://www.pierglass.net/ Mary Ellen was set up across the asile from me. She had great energy and the glass sculpture she and her husband make is amazing.
http://www.davinandkesler.com/ Mary Kesler was set up beside me and she was lots of fun too.
http://www.jennymendes.com/ I love Jenny's work.
http://www.marileehallceramics.com/index.php Marilee had some really cool ceramic art. Much of what I saw at the show isn't on this website I am afraid.
I also want to mention Greg Roche from California who was set up across from me selling leather handbags. He was great and contributed highly to the fun on our corner of the show.