What day is it anyhow?

Thursday. Right. Well it seems like a Monday. Sarah and I have spent almost everyday since Sunday over at her folks. All her siblings and their children came into town for Christmas. We went back and forth (which is only about 12 miles) for meals and gift exchanges and more meals, and snacks. I always eat way too much over Christmas. We all celebrated Sarah's parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. It was really nice. Everyone has gone home as of this morning and Sarah returned to work too. So I guess that leaves me here and I suppose I should get into the pottery and make a few dishes. I have re-read Gail Nichols book on Soda glazing over the past few days. I am getting excited about my next firing. I am seriously considering rebuilding my kiln this year (if I can afford to buy some new bricks). Anyhow, we'll see about that later.
Okay check back in and maybe I'll have a few images of whatever I get made today. Happy Thursday!! Ha.