Kiln work/scabs

I sort of piddled around for the first part of the day. Went to the hardware store and got a chimney brush and swept my chimney. I've been wanting to do this before I fired up the woodstove. It's in good shape now.
After lunch I found myself standing in front of my kiln. I thought, "I'm gonna bust out that bagwall, it needs replacing." Which it did.
You know how sometimes if you have a scab and start picking at it and can't stop, and before long you've picked the whole thing off. (and then it's sore and bleeding again but that part doesnt' really fit into my analogy) So after I got the bag wall out I busted out the castable in both troughs. It needed to go too. Well then I just decided to take the whole first layer of floor brick out and clean them up and replace them too. (That's the whole bleeding). So now I have to scrounge around and find some brick to replace those bad ones I threw out and I will have to go buy some castable to recast my troughs. So much for doing nothing today. It looks good and I'll be happy I did it when I go to fire again.
Bagwall in a heap.

Castable and some floor brick all busted up.

All cleaned out and ready for replacement.