Not much

I don't have a lot of new stuff to report but I thought I'd at least put something out here. I have been making pots for the next firing which is in a couple weeks. More new pitchers and I hope to fire all the special order dinner ware that I have made and get it to the folks who have been waiting.
I am reading Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth. I learned about Campbell after reading a post on Joe Bennion's Journal page. This is very interesting to me, maybe I'll post more on it, but it's probably better just to go to the library and get a copy. I have just finished Chapter 1 and I am totally blown away by the relevance of it to this day and time.
I can't leave without saying that Dick Cheney must be a total idiot, what did he do mistake his friend for a terrorist? I guess he follows the shoot first, ask later policy. I have heard reports that put it off on the man shot, saying he should have announced himself. That's true but I learned when I was 10 years old not to shoot without identifying what I was shooting. The bright orange hat is usually a good give away that it's not a quail, deer, etc.
I have probably just red flagged myself. Oh well. See ya.