Friday update

I am falling down on the job here aren't I?
Okay so this week has been both productive and fun. I loaded the kiln today, fire tomorrow. I spent a good amount of time this week volunteering at the Arts Council getting ready for the Bowling For Dollars Soup Luncheon. This happened yesterday and was a huge success as it has been in the past. We served up about 200 bowls of soup to folks who had bought a ticket to come in a pick out a handmade bowl. All the bowls were donated by the potters who are participating in the Treasures of the Earth Pottery Show and Sale going on now at the Arts Council. Yesterday my job was carrying big pots of soup from the upstairs kitchen down to the serving line, as well as keeping up with other things like "we're out of bread go up and get some more" etc. All the ladies in the kitchen work really hard and are super great to work with. I made them all cranberry scones for breakfast.
Sarah has been in Durham at a Conference with her school mates for a few days. I had a couple guys over for pizza last night. Looks like tonight I'm headed for Chen's for some Chinese takeout... best in town.
This old machine is acting up, it some kind of weird reboot, that's never happened before. I hope it doesn't sieze up and die on me.
I'll try and do better this coming week getting some posts up.
Have a great weekend! Get out and play!