Great Weekend

I had a really good turnout for the Spring Pottery Sale. Thanks to you all who came. Lots of pots went out the door so I am getting geared up to make more. Many of the new pots were a hit including the bowls with tall feet, my new slab trays, and the little jugs. I sold one of the bigger pots too.
The new showroom space is really nice. I have pots all the time so if you are in the area or need a gift for someone, or yourself, please feel free to stop in.
I will be mixing clay in the next week or so. I had some clay tests in this last kiln load but they didn't deliver the results I was looking for. Actually I think this clay I am using is quite good, I am going to tweak it a bit this next go around.
I am ready for some warmer weather. The poplar trees are budding out and my grass is greening up. I will be happy when we start daylight savings time next weekend.