New Additon to Family

For the record this is totally unlike me. Yes, I'm a good guy but I don't make it a habit to stop and pick up animals that are on the side of the road. Tuesday night was an exception. I had a great day Tuesday. Early that day I had been up to Ben Ousleys' farm to see a Border Collie demo. Herding up some sheep. Very cool. Later that day I made some cool connections regarding my work, my good emotional state of recent, and my future hopes and plans. So I was in a great mood and very open when at 9 pm while driving home from Charlotte I see a small dark image in the parking lot of the livestock barn up the road from my house. I pull in and see a little dog cowering at the edge of the lot. No one is there. No trucks,no people. I pursuade the pup to come to me. She is sweet and loving, alittle aprehensive, scared and hungry. I put her in the truck and drive home. Sarah couldn't belive it when I took her out to the studio and said "Look what I brought home." We named her Kharma and tonight we joined up and had our first obedience class. So it looks like we are keeping her. I did go up to the livestock barn to day and told the man there about the dog and where to send anyone who may have lost her. I also checked with the neighbors. Someone said tonight she looked like she had some Blue healer in her and I think maybe some German shepard, although I don't know for sure.
I'll try and get a better pic of her tomorrow. Here's one for now.