Daylight Savings

I love daylight savings time. It is beautiful outside today and my buddy David just called to see if I wanted to go to the river and wet a line. Unfortunately I have to go to a clay guild board meeting today in Charlotte. What a bummer. I missed the last one so I can't really blow this one off I don't guess. (stupid meetings) Ha. Okay so this week I'm gonna try and move completely into my new workspace, I've sort of got my feet in two places now and I need to get all transitioned over. Also, I'll mix clay.
I want to really enjoy this summer. Do some fishing, canoeing, grilling, have time with friends, work in my garden and yard. Who wants to work all the time? Not me. I want to get on a good work schedule so I can get what I need to done and have time to play and relax. Life is too short.
Well that's it for now, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Hopefully this meeting won't last forever and hopefully we'll at least be outside.
Sunshine, blue skies, green grass, warm air, I love spring.