Hey it's good to know I have some folks out there checking in from time to time. Thanks for responding to my previous post.

We went to 'puppy class' this evening with Kharma. I have to remember to take my camera next week. We have some cute dogs in our class. We know most of their names, but hardly any of the owners names. There's Precious the boxer, Max the German Shepard, Jordan the beagle, Maggie the chocolate lab, Mrs. Paradise the ?, but her owner's name is Diamond (cool huh?). Anyhow you get the idea.

Tomorrow we are going to Charlotte to buy Sarah a new (used) car. She located it on Tuesday and drove it, today she confirmed with the seller that she wanted it so we'll get it tomorrow.

Bisque firing a load tomorrow. One more next week as soon as things dry out. I'll get some pics of pots up too.