Too cold

I went out last night to walk barefoot and found it was really cold. I was not expecting that. And wet too. So I have postponed it to later today after things warm up.

Sarah had coffee made after I got back from the walk with Kharma so I skipped my regular morning tea and decided to pull down one of my favorite cups. This cup is made by Welsh potter Phil Rogers. It's a nice small size and I use it only for coffee. Phil uses lots of local materials in his glazes. The inside of this cup has an ash glaze and the outside is a temmoku probably made from local stone dust with iron and other materials. The sides are faceted and the handle is awesome.
I got my bisque going about 4:30 this morning.
I need to get down to the kitchen now and make up some pizza dough so it can be rising while we are off in Charlotte. I am grilling some pizzas tonight for supper.