New week

Monday. Today is usually one of my more productive days. It's off to a good start I guess as I've loaded a bisque and got it going as well as walked the dog and got a bit of journaling in over a cup of tea. I am planning on getting some pots glazed and later putting some plants in the garden. I feel I am a bit late on that this year, but it will be fine. My father in law, Roy, always gets lots of plants going in his greenhouse and gives us all we want for our garden. He planted on Saturday so I guess I'm on schedule with him anyhow. I didn't get a lot of my early stuff in this year, ie spinach, lettuce, chard, etc. I do have some lettuce and chard beginning to come in now though.

I lost a couple trays in my last bisque load. I think they weren't dry enough. One blew the foot off and another blew out a big chunck off the bottom. These are new forms and I was hoping to get them through the firing. I have 2 that made it so far. I will make more for the May kiln.

I found Kevin Crowe's website yesterday. I've always liked Kevin's work. We had a cup of his at one time but I can't seem to find it in the cupboard. I'd like to visit his pottery in Amherst, Va. sometime. He has a good article that I recommend reading. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Have a great week.