Monday:Fresh Start

The weekend was okay. I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. It was good to be around some clay people and to get away from home for a while. My friend Amy brought me a nice cup made by Warren Mackenzie from her trip to Minnestoa. That was really cool.

Saturday night Sarah and I went to supper at Doc's Pizza in town. Doc's opened a few weeks ago. I have been waiting for months for it get going. I had high hopes for the place as we have no good pizza in Shelby. We've had four pizzas so far and only one has really met my approval. I think the problem is in the cooking time. Three more minutes in the oven would make a huge difference. I judge pizza primarily on crust. I think they have a good dough, but I think they need to cook the pizza just a little longer. I'll prob. mention this to my friend David who is managing the place. Maybe it will get worked out as time goes on.

Sarah's aunt passed away last week and so we went up to Boone for the funeral and burial on Sunday. It was a beautiful day in the mountains and Aunt Margarot was laid to rest on a peaceful hilltop.

I am looking forward to a fresh start in the workshop today. Kent's workshop gave me some ideas for pitchers and I am going to try and make a couple big jars. I hope to finish up this making cycle this week, I need to mix clay soon too.

Well that's it for now. I hope you all have a good start to your week.