I just came in from the studio. I'm beat, my back hurts, and I stink. It's been hot the past couple days, I guess I'm going to have to get used to it being summer.

A good day again today. Ran out of clay though. I didn't know I was quite that low. Anyway, I have some stand by of this other body that I made up a while back. Probably 50 pounds, I'll finish out some small stuff with that. Today I finally got another big jar thrown, or the two parts anyway. This is my third attempt. I was using some commercial clay I bought last week (wanted to test it out). Anyway that stuff was super stiff out of the box. I don't know how people use it. I soaked it and tried throwing it on the kick wheel, still too stiff. Tried again and failed. Today I finally ran it through the pug mill and really got it nice and soft and consistant. Made the two parts on my treadle, and then threw 2 more for a smaller version.

I'm going to get horizontal for a few minutes before having to get the dogs out for some play time.