Off to Boone

Tomorrow we heading up to Boone. Sarah is graduating on Saturday. We are going up tomorrow to have a celebration dinner with some classmates of hers and spend the night at the house where Sarah lived for a year. It will be fun and I am looking forward to it.
Saturday will be a special day. I'm sure many of us will be in tears, I probably will anyhow. Sarah has really worked hard and been so dedicated to her studies, her assistantship, and her department as a whole. I know she was an asset to them and they will miss her. I on the other hand will be happy to have her home!!

I had a good day here today, finished cleaning up the house, unloaded a bisque kiln, messed around a bit and then took Kharma to puppy class. One more week to go and then she will graduate too! After class we headed over to Sarah's parents for supper which was delicious as usual.

Well that's it until I get home late on Saturday. I'll have some pics to post from the graduation ceremony.