Got back in the studio today. Made some things and as the day progressed I had to make some of them over as the first ones were failures for one reason or the other. I tried making some bigger pieces on the homemake kick wheel I brorrowed from a friend a while back. It was near impossible. There is no splash pan on it and as I use copious amounts of water I soon had a mess on me and on the fly wheel below. No traction ensued. So I gave up and got back on my treadle. I finished it but it was a bear. I am now on the look out for a used electric wheel to make these bigger pots on.

There was an incident with Karma after lunch that launched me into a frenzy and I felt like my brain swelled up and was about to explode. That deepened and to relieve some frustration I came in and wailed on the couch cushions with the whiffle ball bat. That was I little trick I learned back in my therapy days. I know people think I am calm and centered and all that ,but I gotta tell you I lose it some days. No shame in that.

Tonight I made some more pots and Karma and I had a nice walk and play time. Sarah went to her mom's for supper and I finished firing my bisque kiln.

I am looking forward to some reading and then to bed.