Pots from August Firing

My digital camera arrived yesterday. So now I am back in business with some images from last weeks firing. This firing had lots of work made with this new clay I have been trying out. I mixed up a big batch and I really like the pots that were made with it. It's higher in silica so the pots are a bit more shiny and have great orange peel texure when they get hit with the salt and soda. The incising shows up nicely tooRectangular tray shape I am trying out. Made with the new clay.
I made this big jar at the Folk School. It's made with some clay I got at the Folk School. It got some great marks in the firing.
I really like these bowls. My titanium slip(yellow) looks great on this clay.
This is the other side of that big jar.
More new vases made with my clay. That yellow slip rocks when it gets blasted with salt.