I've been in a weird mood today. Cranky sort of. It's been a good day so I'm not really sure why I feel so emotional and raw. We had some friends from Charlotte come by today to get some pots and have lunch. That was a nice visit. And I had two customers drop by and buy pots. That was really great because we need the money and I have a good selection of pots in the studio that I like seeing go out to good homes.

Something's going on with me but I can't put my finger on it. We are going out of town for a few days starting tomorrow. We took the dogs to be boarded this morning. The vet was really busy so that was like a whirlwind, "here they are...see you later." I hope they do okay.

I had this memory the other day about when I was a kid back on the farm where I grew up. I had a sand box that my dad built. I guess it was about 8 ft square and filled with white sand. I had lots of die cast metal tractors and plows and trucks and stuff. I loved playing out there. I'd make rows with the tractors and then I'd go down to the real tractor shed and find some stray soy beans to plant. The memory is of these soy bean plants. They would pop up so green and fresh, two leaves each. I had little rows of them. I'd never let them grow into big plants, I guess I tilled them up. Anyhow the image of the soybean sprout has been moving to me lately. Growth, life, innocence, childhood, summer, tenderness...these are all words that come to mind. Anyhow, it's good to remember.