Mission Aborted

I loaded the kiln yesterday and was finished by 1:30. Prewadding everything made it go quick. I lit the burners last night at 10 pm and went to bed. I got up at 12:30am to increase the gas pressure. When I cut the gas up I noticed that the burner in the front of the kiln was firing on more pressure than the one in the back. Remember this is a new burner arrangement, instead of having both burners in the back, I moved one around to the front, opposite of the other burner. Well this isn't going to work the way I have it set up. I need to regulate the gas pressure to each individual burner. Evidently the long leg is getting more gas than the short leg and so I was going to be in trouble. So I shut down the kiln and went back to bed. Today I am moving my burner back to the original position. I will fire on Monday.