County Fair

We have had a good weekend. Sarah and I worked on Saturday painting windows and doors in the new renovation. Later that afternoon we headed to the Cleveland County Fair. Our county has the biggest county fair in the state. I have been going since I was a kid and it's always an adventure and lots of fun. This year we went with our friends from Charlotte, Amy and Brian Sanders. I had told Amy about the fair on Friday night during our Circle of Eight meeting.
The first thing we did was go watch the pig races. Check out these little guys rounding the second corner. That little girl is really rooting her favorite on!
Here is another group in a later race.
And ducks too! I didn't get a shot of the goats but they were really cute.
There is a ton of stuff to do at the fair. We ate lots of unhealthy food...corn dogs, vinegar fries, fudge, caramel apples, and I had a big cheeseburger just before we left to drive my cholesteral into the red. I also played my favorite midway game, Fat Albert. We visited the exhibition halls and watched crazy people on the rides. It's easy to go through a pocket full of cash so we had to get home before we went broke. Around the time we left the evening crowd was piling in.