Here's proof that I have been in the studio this week and not hanging out at the Fair. Today's worktime has flown by, interrupted in the middle of the day by a meeting at the Arts Council and now I am off to teach my night class. I guess I am going to have to get in the workshop earlier on Tuesdays. Anyhow I did throw some medium oval bakers and oval vases today. I have tons of stuff under plastic ready to be finished tomorrow...cups, tankards, jars, and I can't remember what else at the moment.
Below are some pots in progress. To the left some cruets that need spouts and handles and to the right some vases drying upside down. These will get faceted.

I am picking up some materials while in the city today so I can mix 4 racks of clay. I need to get stocked up. I'd like to mix that much plus 4 more before December. I have felt kind of panicky today with all that I have coming up. It's really under control for the most part, I just need to slow down and breathe. (But for now I have to hit the interstate!)