I finished up firing just a while ago. All went well as far as I can tell. I'll peep in tomorrow night after I get home from teaching.

Today I didn't make any pots. I tended to the kiln, drew some and read. I am reading An Autobiography of Sorts, by the potter
Mike Dodd. And also, O'Keeffe: The Life of an American Legend. The O'Keefe book is pretty good. I have always loved her work (what I have seen) so it is interesting to read about her life. This author, Jeffery Hogrefe, seems to do a good job but is a bit overly focused on homosexuality, abuse, incest, anger, etc. It just seems a bit tabloid-y but I guess it helps paint a better picture of the subject.

I will try to post some drawings this week (
Andrew asked me to). If I can figure out how to scan them.

More later...