Getting Things Finished. Signature Pots

I spent today trying to catch up and get things put together, handled, slipped, etc. I worked a LONG time on these seven little pots. Each one of these is made from 7 parts (except that one on the far left with no handle and it has 6). Anyhow who in their right mind makes pots with 7 parts!? I know, lots of people, but not me, not usually. So that took up a big chunk of time and I still have to slip them tomorrow. I like them though. Maybe I'll make more in a year.
I finished off these vases, some ovals and some faceted ones.
Square mugs, slipped. I got a bisque loaded today, I was running out of ware boards. So I'll fire it off tomorrow. No clay got mixed today. I wish the clay fairies would show up and do that tonight while I sleep.

I had a lady at my last show ask me what my signature item was. She was looking for something for a client and I guess she wanted something unique. I don't know. Anyhow, I don't really feel like I have this one thing that defines me. Some potters do. I have thought about it and at times feel I should have something, but that's not something you can just make up, well unless you go to grad school and then they make you. (right? I don't know. I didn't go.) Anyhow, I feel like my pots all have some sort of good quality that is me. The way I handle the clay, my handles, spouts, feet. my firing process. They are all my signature pieces. I wanted to tell her "Cups!" , which are what I really like to make, but that wouldn't have been what she wanted to hear. She did buy a nice large jar, so that was good. I know what my signature piece ISN'T....something made out of 7 parts.