Ready for ACC

Yesterday I went to Charlotte and set up my booth for the American Craft Council Show this weekend. I took my camera but forgot to bring it home so I won't have any pictures today. Being in the city yesterday was a bit trying, dealing with certain people and then later coming home traffic was awful. I still feel grumpy and put out this morning. Part of it is exhaustion too, catching up with me from last weekend and non stop this week. The show opens tomorrow so the next three days will be long. It will be fun to see people and hopefully sell some pots. My booth number is 1501 so come by and see me if you are there (I promise I won't be grumpy)

My Labrador, Perry, has been at the vet for almost a week. He had surgery on Wednesday after he chewed up a towel sometime last week. The doc removed that from his intestine and found some other problems there, leakage, etc. So he's going to be recovering for a few more days. I'll go visit him later today. He's 13 and has always been bad to eat anything that doesn't move, towels, gloves, aluminum cans, paper. I think he's part goat.

Gotta get going, it's looking like a beautiful day out. It will probably help for me to get out in it.