This and That

No new images at the moment, so here is another shot of my booth from the weekend. (Sorry about the harsh lighting) Hanging out this morning having some tea and warming up. I'll go teach this evening at Clayworks and I will also be delivering a dinnerware order to a customer who had registered with me for her wedding. I saw her over the weekend and she is so excited to get her new dishes. I love knowing my work is going to a good home where it will be put to use.

I bought some buckwheat flour at the grocery yesterday and will be making some buckwheat pancakes this weekend. Stan and I talked a good bit about this. He makes sourdough, buckwheat pancakes. I'm gonna try that too, but first I have to make a sourdough starter, which is kind of a science experiment in itself. Stan told me that people who eat regular pancakes think that sourdough buckwheat pancakes are "rotten". Ha.

Perry isn't doing so great. I went by the vet to see him yesterday. He was so pitiful and out of it. The doc called later and said he felt like he'd have to operate again to see what was going on. Sarah and I discussed it last night and we feel it may be better just to have him put down. He's 13 and has been through a lot of medical problems over the years. He's had 6 surgeries so far and we can't bear to think of him having another. I don't want him to suffer. The most humane thing we can do right now is let him go. I'll be calling the vet shortly to discuss all this.

For now I'm heading out to the shop for some pot making. Plates, cups, soup bowls and maybe a few pitchers. I have some new ideas I'm working on but will save that for a post later.