Saturday Morning

Hey folks. Hope everyone is doing well out there in computer land. I am feeling quite well this morning (going on noon). It being Saturday and I have no obligations today I feel content and open. Right now in the distance I hear a freight train rolling through town, sounding it's whistle at a crossing somewhere. Sarah is home and out playing with Karma in the yard. I am having a nice cup of black tea, Baker Street Afternoon Blend. Fitting since I am still reading Sherlock's adventures. I got a shipment of various teas recently and had ordered some loose black teas. I usually get my black from the grocery in teabags. I have to say this is much, much better. I have it with a little local honey. No milk. I am not sure of the proper English way to have black tea, maybe Andrew or Doug could let me know.

Here's a journal page from a few days ago. I am still having fun with the Wreck This Journal journal. I found out my friend Elaine is working through hers also. It will be fun to get together sometime and share our experiences.

Good luck with any last minute shopping this weekend. I'll be out sometime in the crowds, practicing compassion and patience.