2007 Almost Over

Hey folks. It's been a pretty good year. Hard to believe 2008 is here. I logged 285 posts this year, that's up from last year. What a geek. Ha. It's been really great connecting with so many people via this blog. I look forward to seeing what we all do in the next year. Andrew has a new home and potter's shed, Gay a new home and studio, Matt is getting engaged and following in his great grandfather's footsteps, and Doug, well Doug is having a show in London in the Spring and becoming more famous by the day. Brandon's new kiln is doing well, and all my clayworks pals are making great pots. Tom is raising chickens, making pots, and working on a community garden. Jen will probably have her soda kiln going soon. Amy is expecting and having fun working on a brand new body of work. There are plenty more of you out there to add to that list, all the best in 2008. Lets all keep having fun and doing what we love...making pots. And as Simon would say "Keep practicing."

Thanks for checking in to my blog, I will try to keep it fresh and interesting and updated. Please feel free to comment or better yet drop by for a visit.