Making Stuff on Monday

I got an early start and managed to have a productive Monday. Here's what I made today:
6 Mugs
8 Shallow Desert Bowls
4 5lb Jars with lids
2 Extra Lids (just in case)
4 Salt Jars/Garlic Roasters
3 Oval Bakers
2 Square Slab Bowls
1 Oval Slab Bowl

I cut feet on 6 dinner plates and got them slipped. I also got handles on my 18 lb deep bowl, I'll get it slipped tomorrow. All that stuff above will have to be handled, cut, whatever tomorrow to finish it up. I have a full day tomorrow with a board meeting at the Arts Council and then off to teach in Charlotte tomorrow night, so I may run out of time. If so things will get wrapped in plastic until Wednesday, which will be a full day in the studio. (And Valentine's Day).

It's nice to get in a groove and get some things made with no problems.