Finishing up

I got all the pots finished up from Monday. Feet cut, handles attached, knobs and lids and all that stuff... ready to be slipped. That will have to wait until tomorrow as I am off to teach in about an hour.
While I was at the Arts Council today I checked in on my display and I have sold quite a few pots. The 'Toyoko pattern' seems to be popular. (that's the one with all the slip pours, I made up that name a year ago, I tell people it's my big seller in Japan, jokingly of course). Anyhow, I also sold one of my bigger jars, some mugs, and candle stick holders. I am really proud of the work, even with all the problems I've had with my kiln lately things are going well and I am making some good pots.
Well I think it's time for some green tea and a bit of chocolate before I hit the road. It's about an hour drive for me to Clayworks. Check in tomorrow and I'll have some images up.