Productive Days

I had a productive day in the studio on Monday and then again yesterday. Yesterday I got a couple boards of soup/cereal bowls made and a couple boards of plates. I also got the feet cut on the bowls I made Monday and handles on all of them and the spoon jars I made. It was a good day.

My dad and brother in law came over last night and we cut the stringers for my stairway and discussed what will happen next on the renevation. Sarah came home and so that was another voice in the discussion. I got a bit overwhelmed and sort of zoned out and couldn't figure out what to do. I just want this whole thing to be done. I wish we had enough money to hire out the work and let other people figure out how to solve the problems that come up in a job like this. Anyhow, we will get through it and I'll be glad to have it done.

Tonight is the opening for Treasures of the Earth at the Arts Council. I went over yesterday morning to have a look at all the pots. It's a nice show. I'll take my camera tonight and get some pictures. The reception is always well attended and lots of pots sell this first night. My dad and his wife always come as well as my sister and her family. It makes me feel good to have them there. This is the 12th year of the show. I 've participated since it's beginning. I can remember the first pots I had in the show. They were electric fired to cone 4 with tan and brown glazes that mimicked salt fired pots.

I need to run out an pick up a local paper this morning. I got an email yesterday wanting me to write a brief piece about the show. I did so and submitted it to the person in charge. I hope it came out well. It's supposed to be front page.

That's it for now. I am off to cut feet on yestedays pots and slip all the other stuff. I need to knock off around 3 today.